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Reputable replica watch sites piece lessons retired watchmaking business professionals.Ulysse Nardin of Athens, Switzerland, as a partner of Artemis sailing team in the America Cup. Added the lucky color of Artemis sailing team to the table of Tourbillon full of creativity and cutting-edge technology, just like the AC45 catamaran used by this Swedish challenge team with superb skills, and set sail with the team.

Finally, the "Tourbillon" with the representative colors of Artemis, the Swedish challenge team, emphasizes the universal values of the two brands - excellence, innovation, precision, and technology. Several collection agencies have to have reputable replica watch dealers. Now, you can also wear the spirit of sailing in your wrists!

The Artemis yacht race team represents one of the five most historic yacht clubs in the world - the Royal Yacht Club of Sweden - as the challenge team of the America Cup yacht race. Sophisticated features are the characteristics of rolex replica watches reputable online sales.The design of the AC45 catamaran used in the competition is different. Public accreditation is the most significant acknowledgment of the reputable replica watch sites. With a stable wing-shaped sail and blade-shaped wing, the ship can reach a fantastic speed of 45 knots (equivalent to 80 km / h).

According to the same idea, the series of freak's fantasy Tourbillon of Athens watch has produced the most daring creation and the most avant-garde structure in 15 years. Exposed is where can I buy reputable rolex replica appearance the world's personality.In 2001, "freak's fantasy Tourbillon" was first added to the silicon escapement device. Then in 2005, it launched the diamond escapement device, and in the same year, it also started the Athens two-way escapement device. There is no dial and pointer in the watch, which shows the time through the operation of the whole movement. The lower bridge plate is connected to the center of the clock like an hour display. And Athens unique bidirectional silicon crystal escapement device to display minutes.

The team of Artemis yacht race represents one of the five most historic yacht clubs in the world - the Royal Yacht Club of Sweden to participate in the America Cup yacht race. The design of the AC45 catamaran used in the competition is different.

In the center of the watch, there is the as spectacular Tourbillon as ever, and the logo of the Artemis sailing team is printed on the back bottom cover, making the design more eye-catching. The new "Tourbillon" has a highly regular hour and minute display, and a calendar window is added at the four o'clock position. Energized and spirituality certainly is the splendor involved with rolex replica from a reputable website In terms of technology, the wristwatch adopts the world's first safety system. This new generation of the shock absorber is wholly designed, developed, and manufactured by the Athens watch factory.

One silicon part replaces three micro components in the traditional shock absorber system. The brand has applied for a patent for this structure. This solution can avoid any friction or lose parts. When the wristwatch is hit, the shaft core of the pendulum wheel can return to its original position correctly. The case is made of DLC (diamond-like carbon) titanium metal, which is stronger than before. It is equipped with a carbon fiber grid strap with a yellow suture. The operation of the Tourbillon is simple.

There is no watch crown on the watch. The upper and lower watch rings are combined with the movement to perform various functions. Monetary gift and then lug advanced all of the flavor of one's old-fashioned Exercise monitor often is the search for breitling replica watch reputable seller. First, there is a between the 6 o'clock position ears. The clockwise rotation can set hours and minutes, and the reverse rotation can adjust the date. Second, the back bottom cover of the watch can be used to chain the leading hair.

The American Cup, which originated in 1851, is the oldest international sports event. A reputable site for replica watches draws a great number of people. Even earlier than the first Olympic Games (1896). At that time, the Artemis sailing team and Athens watch are like two crew members. Reputable replica watch sites touch these ideal and want of everybody across the globe. Who show their respective strengths in their professional fields and work closely together to create noteworthy milestones.

technical information

  1. Limit: 35
  2. Model: 2103-138 / cf-Artemis
  3. Movement: un-210 movement, display time through movement operation, 1-hour tourbillon, a safety system for regulating part
  4. Power storage: 8 days, sliding spring
  5. Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28800 times per hour)
  6. Rotation inertia: 8 mg * cm2, adjusted by 4 screws
  7. Hairspring: silicon hairspring, the unique design of Athens Watch
  8. Escapement device: unique bidirectional silicon escapement device in Athens, without oil
  9. Running track: one revolution per hour
  10. Chain up mode: manual chain up. By turning the bottom cover of the watch to drive the chain up mechanism, one turn of the bottom cover of the
  11. watch is equal to the power stored for 12 hours
  12. Function: display hour/minute and date through movement operation
  13. Time setting: release the locking device and turn the outer ring
  14. Date setting: turn the timing ring anticlockwise to adjust the date
  15. Case: black titanium metal, carbon fiber bezel
  16. Case diameter: 45mm
  17. Strap: black leather strap with carbon pattern
  18. Case: 18K White Gold