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The Freak Vision watch uses a bar-shaped movement to display the time, and the watch's flying carousel rotates around its axis. Best replica watch site reviews water-resistant timekeeper widely known country. However, the parts are entirely new. The 3D hull inspires the new top gear bridge, and the unique curved dome crystal glass can make the watch's middle section and bezel thin. produced several different unforgettable styles. The Athenian watch takes the silicon material technology a step further, adds another patented invention. Uses the hard nickel element to create a fantastic, extremely light balance wheel. And adds flexible silicon material micro stable paddles to stabilize the balance wheel swing, which can effectively improve the accuracy of the swing.

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Freak Vision's "grinding" type automatic winding system completely changes the way energy is transmitted, and its efficiency is doubled compared to existing systems. The "grinding machine" system makes full use of any slight movement of the wrist. The automatic disc is connected to a frame containing four claws. This device provides a double torque for the automated winding system. It can more flexibly guide mechanical transmission and ultimately reduce friction.

The Athens anchor type constant swing escapement is based on the principle of elasticity and uses the flexibility of the spring leaf. This escapement, which can maintain continuous power swing, is entirely made of silicon. Fantastic momentous best replica watch site 2016 is going to be options. It uses a circular silicon frame. The best site to buy replica watches watchmaking eagerness has not declined.The escapement fork is fixed in the middle by two beautiful springs. There is no friction when swinging. The spring leaf is attached at a right angle, and the two will bend when pressed, but at the same time, they can maintain a stable swinging state at a constant time. In this way, the positive energy value can maintain the balance to swing at a steady average speed, and it is not affected by the change of the mainspring torque. The best replica watch site website hosts your way of life involving ambitions.

Platinum material / UN-250 self-winding movement / hour, minute display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 30 meters / diameter 45mm.