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Ulysse Nardin takes inspiration from Venice, one of the highest 10 replica watch sites in the world, presenting the "Venice Carnival" minute repeater limited timepiece, combining beautiful artistic drawings and superb watchmaking technology. However, this intoxicating city is not the first time it has appeared in an Athens watch story.

Customized service top 10 replica watch sites give lasting.In the late 1980s, Athens Watch launched the "San Marco", a watch symbolizing the rebirth of the minute repeater. In addition to reading the time, the minute repeater can also hear the high-quality sound, which is both a timepiece and an instrument, bringing supreme visual and auditory enjoyment to the wearer. The Athenian watch has made many "first" initiatives and enjoys a good reputation in the watchmaking industry. The Athenian clock created an unexpected variation of this late 17th-century invention-"Jaquemart."

The "Jaquemart" is a lifelike figure with a finely crafted carving on the dial. Top 10 rolex replica sites present a particular character on the planet.Its action will be synchronized with the activation of the watch function and become part of the storyline of the watch.

The dial depicts two people standing in front of the Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal in 10 replica watch sites has attained the level of the masterpiece.Italy, both wearing masks, apparently attending the Venetian Mask Carnival, with a strong festive atmosphere. To this day, the Athens watch is still one of the few watchmaking brands in the world that uses actual figures to make minute repeaters.

The dial is crafted with in-filled enamel technology, highlighting its elaborate design. Neoclassicism, along with modern-day aspects, are generally together with the traits involving the top 10 replica watch sites. Only a few craftsmen can master this skill. At present, only top watchmakers such as Athenian Watches can make watches showing the enamel craftsmanship. Professional quality relates to the benefit of the top 10 brand replica watches.The infill enamel of this extraordinary work needs to be hand-carved and decorated with carvings to become an artistic treasure for a few people to collect.

The "Venice Carnival" minute repeater is equipped with a manual winding movement. Top 10 rolex replica requires scrupulous manner effortless .platinum case, limited edition of 18 pieces, and also available in 18K rose gold. rolex Milgauss replica propel the watchmaking arena drive .top ten replica watches site is a conquer in complex watch enterprise. it is a model of continuous and continuous development of watchmaking technology.

Technical Information

  1. Limited to 18
  2. Model 719-63
  3. Movement Movement UN-71
  4. Power reserve approx. 48 hours
  5. Winding method Manual winding
  6. Function Time Doll Minute Repeater Timekeeping, Timekeeping, and Minutes Two different tones can be tapped
  7. Case Platinum
  8. 42 mm diameter
  9. Water-resistant to 30 meters
  10. Dial: Enamel dial
  11. Surface anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal
  12. Case back anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal, screwed
  13. Crown Waterproof Crown
  14. Strap Alligator leather strap with folding buckle