31 Short Hair Styles You Can Do In 10 Minutes or Less

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Have short hair and tired of wearing the same look every day? We can all get tired of our same old, day in day out looks, but it always seems short hair has far fewer options. This is simply not true, though. I love my short hair and I was determined to make sure it could be as versatile and great looking as any long hairstyle. Short hair is so super easy to wash and wear, plus it is cool and comfortable for summer. Plus, get this-  a short haircut makes you look 10 years younger!  I decided to scour the worlds of Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and of course, my best friend Google to see what I could find… and wow! I just had to share what I discovered.  This research also helps me because I have gotten obsessed with the Lob but I don’t want to just have the down with beachy waves look all summer so the more short hairstyles I learn, the more confident I get in my ability to cut off all my hair.

From faux braids that look just like long hair to easy last minute hairstyles that will have you walking out the door in minutes (but looking like you spent an hour on your hair) these cleverly creative tutorials and ideas simply rock. Do you also hate when people just give you one idea and say, this is the best one.  I have thrown together a bunch of different styles, like updo’s, braids, and even some fun bun styles.  Want casual looks? If you are like me, you are going to spend some time at the lake, the beach, and at summer pool parties.  My favorite look right now for my short hair is the super adorable baby bun, but I found some awesome looks for wearing your hair down, too. Need something more sophisticated and elegant? Short hair can be just that. Check out these super sleek looks I found for work, date night, and other special occasions where you absolutely must look fabulous. Follow some of these step by step tutorials and see what makes you feel confident.

1. Cute Faux Braid Updo for Short Hair

A Beautiful Mess

Short Hair Styles You Can Do In 10 Minutes or Less - Faux Braid Updo For Shorter Hair - Easy Step By Step Tutorials For Growing Out Your Hair, For Shoulder Length Hair, For The Undo, The Pixie, For Round Faces, The Bob, For Women That Are White And African American. For Over 50, For Over 40, For Wedding, And With Bangs -

I saw this look when one of my coworkers tried it to wear to work the other day and immediately knew I had to have it. Anyone who doesn’t know you will think you have long hair. Pretty cool, right? Looks like it took an hour to style, too, and this beautiful faux braid only takes minutes. You’ll love this easy style for mornings when you are on the way out the door and realize at the last minute that you have a big meeting.

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