41 Super Easy Nail Art Ideas for Beginners

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If you do your own nails like me (and you’re a lazy girl like me), you know that there is nothing better than putting on an episode of your favorite show (and wine), getting out all your nail polish and tools and just zoning out for half an hour.  If you are a beginner to nail art, get excited because doing your nails is super therapeutic and is a great way for you to relax.  I get out my fanning brush and my flat tip brush, I get out my glue that I use to keep my skin clean, I pull up one of these awesome nail art designs and I go to town.  Not to mention, doing my own nails saves me a ton of money on manicures and pedicures.  

That being said, I am not the most creative person in the world and sometimes I like to use my blog as a way to motivate me to find new ideas to try and then share with you.  If you are nail art beginner, it can be really difficult to think of new designs on your own.  Over the last three months, I have been experimenting with a bunch of different looks that I found on Pinterest, Instagram, and the ever genius Google.  One of the biggest things I found from other bloggers was the insistence that one of the worst things about doing your own nails is that the polish gets everywhere.  Thats true but it can be stopped.  One of the beginner tutorials I threw in this article covers how to use glue to protect the skin around your nails that you can easily peel off after you’re done painting.  

The other reason I love some of these tips and tricks is that most of my girlfriends that don’t do their own nails say the same thing: “It never looks as smooth or as nice and shiny as when a professional does it.”  Granted, if you are right handed and are doing your right hand, if you don’t use some of these tricks like glue and striping tape for your nail art, it’s going to be really hard to pull off.  But if you want to give some of these more complicated looks a shot at home, take a look at some of these step by step nail art tutorials and see what gets you excited.  In the last three months, I have tried the newspaper print, the matte black nails with a glossy tip, the striping nail art, and polka dots.  Get out your sharpie, your toothpick, and let’s do some nail art together!

1. Beginner Nail Art – DIY Holograph Foil Manicure

A Beautiful Mess

Super Easy Nail Art Ideas for Beginners - DIY Holograph Foil Manicure - BEGINNERS Very Easy Nail Designs Tutorial - Simple Step By Step DIY Tutorials And Pictures For Nailart. Ideas For Every Style, All Hair Colors, Sparkle, Valentines, And other Awesome Products To Make It DIY and Super Easy -

Let’s start with this amazing nail art from A Beautiful Mess.  I chose this one first for two reasons: 1 ) It’s beautiful.  The color contrast of the purple foil and the white background are amazing and look great against the tan skin.  2) Using foil and strips are the quickest and easiest way to get straight lines and a professional look at home.  When you use foils, you can basically just cut them to look exactly how you want your nail art to look and then apply them over a base coat which is nearly impossible to mess up (just remember to use two coats of the base white here).

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