33 Best Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes

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I don’t have blue eyes, but good lord do I wish I did sometimes. I know it sounds silly, but the cool makeup possibilities for girls with blue eyes are just about endless. There’s nothing wrong with brown eyes (or green or hazel eyes for that matter), but I do get a little jealous of my blue eyed friends sometimes just because of the different color palettes they can play with when getting ready. Even though I’ll never have that luxury, I decided to do a little research just to see what was out there for makeup tutorials for blue eyes.  One of the things I noticed is that while blue eyes are definitely a romanticized look, a lot of the makeup basics that help with blue eyes apply to other eye colors as well.  Whether you have blue or brown eyes, your brows and their arches are going to affect your look dramatically.  So even if you lack the baby blues, check out these tutorials because there is some great makeup routine ideas and tricks that we can all benefit from.

Generally the thought is blue eyes are an easy lock for the blonde/fair/light style, but there are actually a ton of things you can do if you’re a brunette or even a blue eyed red head (Emma Stone, anyone?). There are some easy contrast looks like the smokey burgundy look (#6) as well as a more bronzed smokey look (#10) for people with that fair hair/skin look. There are also some great guides on how to make your eyes pop (#15 and #33) that I really love. One of my good friends, Jen (dark brown hair and pale blue eyes) has turned heads with the smokey wingtip tutorial on here (#3), so these guides are tried and true. For all my blue eyed beauties out there, give these a shot and let me know which ones are your favorite.

1. Blues Eyes Need The Perfect Bold Brow – Makeup Tutorial

A Beautiful Mess

Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes - How to Achieve the Perfect Bold Brow -Easy Step By Step Beginners Guide for Natural Simple Looks, Looks With Blonde Hair Colour and Fair Skin, Smokey Looks and Looks for Prom

I love A Beautiful Mess and I wanted to start with this tutorial because she exemplifies the classic blonde hair blue eyed look that I envy.  I completely agree with her that eyebrows can make or break your look so it’s worth it to take the time to develop a strong brow routine that you can count on to work time and again.  I also like this routine because every girl should learn how to train their brows.  From my mother I inherited eyebrows that were a bit ‘unruly’ and it has taken years to train them.  Like this tutorial, I also start with a trim and then add a brow product.  She uses Long Last brow but there are plenty of drugstore dupes that work as well.

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