41 Lob Haircut Ideas for Women

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2. How I Style My Short Hair – Long Bob or ‘Lob’

Youtube – Jordan Lipscombe

41 Lob Haircut Ideas For Women - How I Style My Short Hair | Long Bob -What is a lob? Step by step easy tutorials on how to cut your hair for a lob haircut and amazing ideas for layered, and straight lobs. Ideas for lobs with bangs, thick hair, wavy and thin hair. For long hair and medium hair. For round faces and sharp features -

So I love this tutorial because the biggest thing that scared me about doing a Lob was that I love variety.  I want to be able to do different hairstyles for different events.  I get really anxious about just having one hairstyle for months while I wait for my hair to grow back out so I can try something else.  This video goes through what other styles you can pull off with Lob length hair besides just straight down or with some waves.

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