29 Festival Hair Tutorials

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I have looked everywhere to find the best festival hair tutorials because festival season is here and I’m so excited! I have come up with a bunch of different styles and ideas that are easy to replicate with steps and pictures.  These articles cover every type of hair you could possibly rock.  Short hair with bangs?  I have a festival hair look for that.  Trying to strut the natural look with some braids or beach waves, check.  

Now I am aware that summer festival hair ideas are definitely different from winter festival hair ideas so I decided to cover both so you can let your creative juices flow.  Long hair or short hair, when the music starts, you want your hairstyle to be a beautiful part of the experience for everyone around you.  I know for me, my top priorities are keeping the hair off my neck when I start dancing so I don’t overheat, but I still want it to be flowing so that when I move, my hair moves with me.  

1. Pigtail Braids Hair Tutorial For Festivals


Festival Hair Tutorials - Pigtail Braids Hair Tutorial - Short Quick and Easy Tutorial Guides and How Tos for Braids, Curly Hair, Long Hair, Medium Hair, and that Perfect Updo - Great Ideas for That Summer Music Edm Show, Whether It's A New Hair Color or Some Awesome Accessories and Flowers - Boho and Bohemian Styles with Glitter and a Headband -

This pigtail braids hair tutorial is so easy and this look absolutely crushes it at festivals.  Follow these steps and rock the most stable and easy to maintain hairstyle you can while running around the festival like a boss.

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