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32 Best Exercises To Get The Butt of Your Dreams

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With this new trend of having a big bum and the bodycon dresses I wear on my evenings out and weddings, I’ve been more motivated than ever to get the butt of my dreams. There’s a lot of butt exercises for me to try and get the round, sculpted, and bigger butt I had always wanted. I always had a thin body structure and felt like I didn’t have too noticeable features. I had been fine with it growing up since the it thing was to be lean and skinny. This new uprising of the “thick” age has made me slightly more self-conscious, but I have not lost my confidence. Instead, I let this motivate me to get more in shape by exercising and sometimes focusing on getting the dream booty.

I gathered a range of exercises for me to try on butt days so I never get bored of one exercise and my body doesn’t get used to the repetition. I had no idea of how many different types of workouts can help you get that perfectly sculpted bum. There are the original squats and lunges, but others such as leg presses, glute bridge, deadlifts, donkey kicks, and variations of all of those with the different types of weights you use and their heaviness. This list has the best workouts and variety so you can find the exercise you like best or switch it up on your derriere.

1. No Squats Workout : Lower Bodies


Best Exercises to Get the Butt of Your Dreams - The No Squats Belly, Butt, and Thighs Workout - Tutorials for the Best Workout for your Glutes and Lower Bodies - Looking for a Healthy Butt? Awesome Diet and Motivation Tips For Women To Improve Health and Build Muscel - Donkey Kicks, Lunges, Stability Ball Workouts and Strength Training Exercises - Hit Your Weightloss Target with These Awesome Tips - At Home and Gym Workouts

Tired of doing the same old squats each workout? Need to tone other parts of your lower body? This is a good workout since it tackles your stomach, butt and thighs without squats! The workout is totally simple and you can do it daily in your own home, so no commute to a gym! You’ll just need a wall and mat if you prefer one.

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