37 Best Drugstore Makeup Dupes

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Are you looking for the best drugstore makeup dupes to help you save money on make up?  After you buy foundation for contouring, lip gloss or lipsticks for your lips, concealer, mascaras, and hair products, you have broken your budget.  Drugstore dupes are an incredible way to achieve the same look at way less cost.  However, you have to be careful and only use dupes that have been vetted.  These tutorials and step by step guides show you which ones pull off the looks of the name brand makeup and which ones don’t.  Happy shopping!

1. Best Drugstore Dupes For High End Makeup

Youtube: Jamie Paige

Best Drugstore Makeup Dupes- The BEST Drugstore DUPES For High End Makeup Hourglass, Becca Too Faced More JamiePaigeBeauty - Simple DIY Tutorials That Cover The Best Drugstore Dupes And Products For Foundation, Contouring, Lipsticks, Eye Concealer, Products For Oily Skin, Dupe Brushes, and Primers From 2016 And Places Like Target. These Are Cheap And Affordable -

This drugstore dupes comparison video is extremely detailed and extensive with a ton of great comparisons.  Urban Decay compared to Maybelline, Milani compared to Jeffree Star, Milani compared to Too Faced.  She covers lipstick dupes and concealer dupes.

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