38 Beauty Hacks for Teens

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I was talking with my cousin, Sarah, the other day who discovered I do this beauty and makeup blog.  She’s still a teenager and is about to go to college.  She told me that she has been through all my articles and really enjoyed a lot of the tips but felt that there wasn’t enough stuff about beauty and makeup that was specific to teens and school stuff.  She basically guilted me into writing this article by asking, “What would you have done if you knew what you know now back in high school and college?”  

After she said that, I immediately got excited and started thinking about all the different hacks and tricks I have learned that I WISH I knew back when I was a teenager.  First of all, I was a lazy girl in high school.  Second of all, I had to spend a lot of time covering up acne breakouts.  Third, I did way to much picking of my face and gave myself a lot of scars that I didn’t need to get if I had known how to handle my face (hint, don’t use dirty fingers).  Fourth, I wouldn’t have freaked out so much about Prom, Homecoming, dances, all that super stressful crap.  If I knew then how to use foundation so that I don’t get oil patches halfway through the day, I would have had a lot more fun at school giving winks instead of hiding my face.  

 I would have saved so much time and not had to get up an hour before school and I would not have spent so much time being self conscious about my acne and breakouts or my bad hair days if I had been aware of all the tricks that women use to look good even on a tough day.  Anyways, I decided to do some Pinterest and Instagram and Google’ing to create this master list of teen beauty hacks.  It is a combination of stuff I do now and a few new things that I found that I will definitely be incorporating into my routine as I still have some oily skin even now.  Thanks for reading and I’m sorry it took me so long to write this stuff down.  Your welcome, Sarah.

1. At Home Beauty Hack – Homemade Lotion Recipe


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When you are a teen, the first things that you have to solve are acne, breakouts, pimples, and trying to solve skin issues on a tight budget.  Because you don’t an adult’s salary yet, you have to get creative with how you use your money.  When I was a teenager, this led me to trying to do a lot of DIY stuff at home with homemade and natural ingredients.  Luckily, there are a lot more resources out there to help with that these days.  This is a great one that I found for a really cheap and effective lotion that you can use.  Keeping your skin hydrated is really important for keeping your skin from making too much oil and causing breakouts.

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